Beware Watching Too Much TV Leads to Fatal Blood Clots

According to recent studies excessively watching television leads to the blood clotting even after the physical workout. Research tells that physical workout is not enough to decrease its risks.
Researchers from University of Vermont investigate about venous thrombolytic(VTE) condition in which blood clots are formed in legs,arms,pelvis and lungs. They collected data from above 15,000 people who gave answers to the questions about their T.V habits three times over 20 years. The researchers examined collectively 691 blood clots in those people. These people do not have blood clots at start of study.

Beware Watching Too Much TV Leads to Fatal Blood Clots

People who used to watch T.V very often were at 71% risk of blood clots than those who never watched T.V. The 120 minutes daily workout proved fatal as it increased the risk to 80%. This proves that T.V watching without any limit is contagious to human health.
The excess T.V viewing cause obesity which is cause of blood clots. A person sitting all time and not working put on weight and became obese but it only contributes only 25% towards blood clotting as many other factors are also involved in formation of blood clots in human body veins.

Beware Watching Too Much TV Leads to Fatal Blood Clots
Due to inactivity most of the blood clotting occurs in legs. According to the Director of thrombosis and hemostats at University of Vermont medical center” The blood moves to heart from legs against gravity.” She also said that when the blood is moving slowly and there is no muscular activity one can see blood clotting phenomenon in human veins thus the muscular inactivity is the big reason of blood clots formation in human body veins which carry blood from body parts to the heart.
This happens due to immobilization of legs after trauma,especially after an accident or physical damage or sitting for long time watching T.V without any activity.
Excessive T.V watching may lead to heart diseases.Therefore the researches showed that prolonged T.V watching can increase the risk of death from heart attack by 18%.
Increased period of T.V watching cause the life threatening blood clots in arms and legs(deep vein thrombosis) and in lungs(Pulmonary embolism). The pulmonary embolism is the most common complication of deep vein thrombosis(DVT). It happens when a piece of blood clot breaks off and travels through your bloodstream to your lungs where it blocks one of the blood vessels. In severe conditions it can be fatal. If the blood clot is small it causes no symptoms but if medium sized it causes chest pain and breathing difficulties. A large clot can cause lungs to collapse and resulting in heart failure which can be fatal.
The researchers of Harvard school of Public Health indicates that watching too much television may cause obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The study done at university of Rhode Island showed that watching T.V for long time decreases the viewers sense of ability of maintaining physical health. Excessive television watching may decrease the metabolic activities in children as well as in adults. The people go into the semiconscious condition while watching the television. The researches show that the children under 2 years age should not watch T.V and older ones should watch 2 hours per day. It has been observed that the children who watch television more than the recommended time remain underweight.
Watching T.V for long time can also affect the eyesight of the viewers. Double vision or diplopia can be caused in humans due to prolonged sitting in front of T.V. Diplopia or double vision is a condition of viewing two images of one object either in vertical position or in horizontal position. This is due to many T.Vs emit excessive amount of harmful X-rays.
About 300,000 to 600,000 people in United States are affected each year. After heart attack and stroke the Venous thromboembolism(VTE) is most common disease to be found in people. The aged people over 60 years or above are much more at risk of the heart diseases. But it can occur at any phase of life or at any age.
During prolonged sitting people should move around to be active. Even those people who are active and healthy physically should not sit for a long time for watching T.V. There are many mobile apps in this era of technology that keep us reminding to get up and walk after every hour even when we are resting or sitting on work at offices. The long periods of inactivity while watching T.V should be interrupted by some healthy physical activity like walking on treadmill.

Eating healthy food and maintaining weight could decrease the risk of blood clotting. The females who are pregnant any old blood clot may cause difficulty. Doctors prescribe the blood-thinning medicines to these women.
The T.V watching is very dangerous and common disease and the people are unaware about the risks and seriousness of watching T.V. It is useful to increase the awareness of the people about the harms of prolonged T.V watching. People should take steps to secure the population from the sky high rising health issues due to the T.V watching without any time limit. People who became habitual of watching T.V have changed metabolisms that those people can only be able to sleep when T.V is turned on. If someone turns off the T.V it disturbs their sleep. This is not normal human activity. A normal and sane person thinks excessive T.V watching a disturbing thing.In Short watching T.V excessively is a total waste of health,time,energy and also money that a person spends on paying T.V bills.

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